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Egyptian healing rods testimonials

“I had injured my knee had difficulty healing it up. I was getting a little concerned about my recovery phase. A therapist who worked on me introduced me to a gentleman who was a dealer of the Egyptian Healing Rods. I connected with the Crystal Star rods and noticed within a 3-4 minute aspect, a vortex sort of infinity figure 8 rotational access energy at my right knee. Within a matter of minutes, the pain was totally relieved. I felt a warm sensation of energy flowing down and outside the lateral aspect of my leg. What I would have equated to the acupuncture gallbladder meridian and out the foot. From that point on, I was able to walk without discomfort and it has not returned.” ~Dr. Teresa, MD, Ohio

“My Reiki practice has blossomed! The effectiveness of the treatments I offer are amplified 10 FOLD when used with the Rods!” ~Serena, NY

“For years my arthritis prevented me from gardening. Now in my 70’s, the gift of relief from this pain is WONDERFUL. I am gardening again!” ~Phyllis, SC

“Recently I was in a severe auto accident. This morning I woke, (after my first night with the Rods) and my nose injury was remarkably better! People can’t believe I am so much better in just one day! There is NO PAIN! The swelling is gone and so is half the redness. Thank you!” ~Nita, San Diego, CA

“After 30 days using the Rods-Kont my doctor cut my BP meds in half!” ~ MP, Civil Engineer, IN

“As a result of a battle with meningitis when I was 1 month old that affected my vision; I had to undergo eye surgery twice, first at 10 months old and later at 2 years old and had to wear eyeglasses continuously since then and was expected to do so for the rest of my life. Since I started using the Egyptian Healing Rods in 2005 I’ve had 2 vision exams performed. On the first vision test my eyeglass prescription was reduced for the first time in my life to the point of not being required to wear glasses to drive. By the time I got my next eye exam in October 2007 the optometrist determined that I have perfect vision on one eye and near perfect vision on the other, therefore I don’t need to continuously wear eyeglasses anymore, they are optional for me now with minimal prescription to be used only when fatigued. This is a nice and welcome benefit from the Egyptian Healing Rods that I didn’t anticipate.” ~Bandora- Miami, FL Energy Healer

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